Carbonated soft drinks comprise just 7.2% of all of the drinks (including tap water and alcohol) that New Zealanders consume.

A government survey (New Zealand National Nutrition Study 2008 / 2009) found that only 1.1% of an average child’s energy intake came from SSBs.

Consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages, in particular, has been declining for more than ten years. Manufacturers are responding to consumer demand for low sugar alternatives by reformulating their products, offering smaller pack sizes and promoting low and no calorie soft drinks.

Our members are working with the Ministry of Education to incentivise schools to sign a voluntary agreement not to supply full-sugar carbonated soft drinks or full-sugar energy drinks for sale on their premises. Our objective is to have 75% of schools signed up by start of school year 2017.

NZ Beverage Council infographic: A Look Inside NZ Fridges  (pdf)

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