Tap water is the most-consumed liquid in New Zealand. Kiwis consume, on average, 233 litres of tap water each year.

Water represents 29 per cent of all drinks consumed and consumption of water has grown 32 per cent over the past 10 years.

The increasing availability of bottled water is driven by two factors: convenience and taste.

For those who don’t enjoy the taste of tap water, bottled water offers an alternative. And for those who do not have access to tap water (such as those travelling, tramping, camping or involved in active sports), bottled water is the convenient option.

The bottled water industry is highly-regulated industry with high cost of entry and a number of distribution barriers.

Anyone with concerns about water rights in New Zealand should talk to their District Council since commercial agreements exist between the water suppliers and the bottled brand owner, and not with the NZBC.

The NZBC does have clear expectations around how its bottled water members should conduct themselves and certainly expect them – like the rest of its members – to adhere to best practice.

Order of beverage volumes consumed in New Zealand:

1. Water
2. Hot coffee
3. Milk
4. Hot tea
5. Beer (as well as other alcoholic beverages)
6. Packaged non-alcoholic beverages.

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NZ Beverage Council infographic: A Look Inside NZ Fridges  (pdf)

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