In 1997 the NZBC set up the Industry Compliance Committee (ICC). It is a fully independent, self-regulating agency that benefits:

• Members

- by providing an opportunity to correct labelling and compositional errors before these come to the attention of regulatory bodies.

- by providing up-to-date benchmarks on which to base interpretations of current legislation

• Government

- by providing a screen over the industry to ensure any compliance issues are resolved without the need for investigations or legal action.

• The Consumer

- by providing a level of assurance that those products carrying the NZBC Compliance logo meet all regulatory requirements as to composition and labelling.

The ICC is chaired by Professor Richard Archer of Massey University. The committee comprises representatives of FSANZ, the ASA, three independent consultants, the chair of the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) and the Executive Officer of the NZBC. Technical advice is provided by an independent consultant to the committee.

The ICC is cited regularly by Government agencies and others as the most highly efficient and effective industry self-regulatory body in the country.