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In the latest issue (September 2017):

ORANGE JUICE:   Growing conditions are good in Brazil and recent rainfall could encourage a bloom over the next month.

APPLE JUICE:   The industry in Poland is dealing with both limited and expensive raw materials.

GRAPEFRUIT JUICE:   There are no early forecasts on the forthcoming crop in Florida and the market will need to wait until the USDA releases its projection in October.

LEMON JUICE:   The 2017 crop in Argentina is now winding down. The packing houses have already closed and processing will come to an end within three weeks.

GRAPE JUICE:   The grape juice industry in Argentina continues to struggle to make sales due to a poor crop earlier in the year.

PINEAPPLE JUICE:   The large processors in Thailand have now finished running fruit from the 2017 summer crop. Smaller factories continue to run limited volumes.

MANGO JUICE:   The main summer mango crop in Colombia wound up in the first week of August. The season ran for longer than usual.

PASSION FRUIT JUICE:   The major peak season for passion fruit juice production in Ecuador has now begun. Local sources say that output so far is similar to last year.

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