NZBC Statement: Dental health

Auckland: 29 July 2015

The issue of young children presenting at a dentist with advanced tooth decay, clearly indicates poor parenting decisions in regard to the consumption of sugar sweetened beverages or a complete misunderstanding of the importance of regular and effective dental hygiene - or both.

All parents and others with children in their care have a clear duty of care to make the appropriate decisions on behalf of the children in their care. Furthermore, the duty of care extends to assisting and informing children to make their own appropriate decisions on all matters including where, when and how to consume food and drink containing salt, sugar.

Parents and caregivers are, or should be, in complete control of what children of that age eat and drink. It’s a complete evasion of parental responsibility to shift the blame for the state of these children’s teeth onto the manufacturers of products which should, after all, be consumed as treats or in moderation. It’s not the products; it’s the decision to use them inappropriately – no more, no less.

Our members are parents too and are as disappointed as anyone that there should be young children in our communities with teeth in such appalling condition.

The New Zealand Beverage Council supports and advocates that parents and caregivers have access to tools and information to ensure a healthy diet for their children. The New Zealand Beverage Council does not support nor endorse the excessive consumption of foods and beverages high in salt, fats and sugar.

The NZ Beverage Council

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